Monday, September 20, 2010

Fight Gone Bad 5 Details

OK everyone, this Saturday @ 1500 we will do the Fight Gone Bad workout in support of FGB5. If you haven't done so already it's not too late to register and start collecting donations. Just click on the link on the right side of our site, registration is easy and don't forget to choose CrossFit Rota as your gym.

So we will begin the workout @ 1500 after a quick warm-up. Everyone will get to participate, but all of those who have collected donations will go first. We'll have lots of pictures and videos taken during the workout so we can post them to the FGB5 website.

Best of all when were all finished and worked up a good hunger and thirst, You are all invited over to our house for an after workout BBQ. Bring some meat or a side dish we'll have some beer and drinks available. We'll light the BBQ @ 1900. We live on base 1375A Jazmin 'New' housing 727-4426

Hope to see you on Saturday at the gym and at the BBQ

Please post questions to the comments

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