Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rest, Pay or Practice what you suck at

Glad everyone who came out yesterday enjoyed the Team WOD, I'm thinking of making it a monthly thing with maybe a BBQ at the end...what do you think??   Post thoughts to comments.

I will be there @ 1400 if you need to make up a WOD or want to practice on any movements

Also let me know if you like the new site layout


  1. Fred,
    The site layout is great! It is really easy to navigate through.

    I think a monthly Team WOD with a BBQ afterwards is a great idea! We could do it potluck style!

    Unfortunately i will not be able to make the practice day today, i have a birthday party i must attend.


  2. New site layout looks good, Fred. Miss working out with the Rota crew...

  3. Yeah, website is great! And I'm sorry to have missed the team WOD yesterday, can't wait till the next! (...and then stuff my face with carrot cake!)