Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WOD 29 Mar

Surprise TEAM WOD and BBQ
We'll have a BBQ after the team WOD today.  We're having a BBQ to say goodbye to Josh.
For those of you that didnt know he was here on a Deployment (rough duty huh?!?)  and sadly he will be headed home on Friday.

I will do my best to make up a fun team WOD that will start @ 1600.  Please try to show up on time so I can make up the teams.
Right after the WOD we'll light the BBQ and crack open the beers (I'll have some chicken and burgers), so come on out have fun and say goodbye to a great guy. 


  1. See you later Great Guy Josh! I hope you enjoyed your time in Spain and have a safe trip home. -Stephanie

  2. Dammit. The ONE friggin day I may not be able to make it. I'm gonna try like a mofo to be there. We are gonna miss you, Josh!! :(