Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rest or pay what you owe

Rest or pay what you owe or come in and practice what you suck at!! You will not get better at something unless you practice
If you want some coaching on something specific just let me know.

Licia will be there at 1015
I'll be there 1630
Is this acceptable? Just because we do CrossFit does that mean we have to be bad-asses to the bone? Should we keep going while blood is dripping down our arms? I say no. Maybe in competition this is an acceptable level of abuse, but on a day-to-day basis, it is unnecessarily crippling. Not mention it inhibits one’s ability to train as hard as they could have. So what is the solution?
Hand care 101
Step one: Get a Foot Razor and a Pedegg at Amazon for about 10 bucks each.

Step two: When in the shower, first shave the callouses on your hands gently. No need to do this for time folks, be careful not to over do it. 
Step three: When your hands are DRY use the Pedegg to smooth them out.
Step four: Have nice and smooth hands that rip less and interrupt training less. No excuses, take care of your hands. If your hands are still excessively tender, consider buying gymnastics straps. I do not recommend any other type of glove as they are mostly useless.

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  1. I just saw some of these pedegg's at the NEX yesterday -- Renee