Tuesday, January 3, 2012

WOD 3 Jan

Do a good warm up then spend as much time as needed to find your
1 rep max (1RM) back squat

We will be doing a 12 week squatting program starting next week.  Here's how it works,
Step 1-- Find your 1RM in the back and front squat (we'll find this another day)
Step 2-- Click the link below and enter your 1RM into the "MAX BS and MAX FS" blocks on the spreadsheet, it will then calculate all your loads for the next 12 weeks (do not make any other changes to the document!!)
Step 3-- Print the chart and bring it with you to the gym on YOUR squat days
Step 4-- SQUAT,  whenever it fits YOUR schedule, I am not going to program the squat days it will be your responsibility to keep with your program.

You'll squat twice a week, back squat and front squat

At the end of the 12 weeks I am very confident your numbers will climb dramatically

Squat program spreadsheet

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