Saturday, February 11, 2012

WOD 11 Feb

WOD courtesy of the The London Throwdown
‘Power snatch Kalsu’ 
10-minute time cap
100 power snatches for time 40/25kg with accumulating bar bumping burpees
Athletes must attempt to complete 100 power snatches in the 10 minutes. At minute one they must do one bar jumping burpee, at minute 2 they must do 2 bar jumping burpees etc. If they do not complete the 100 snatches in the 10 minutes they receive a time penalty of 10 seconds per every uncompleted rep. i.e. if they do 95 snatches their time would be 10minutes plus the time penalty of 50 seconds making their total time 10:50 seconds.

I will NOT be there today...sorry check comments or Facebook for opening times--Fred

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