Saturday, November 23, 2013

What's the WOD?

We don't post a WOD daily because we follow the programming.

Question: Why do we follow the CrossFit mainpage when most other boxes do their own programming?
Answer: CrossFit HQ has been providing programming since 2001.  We aren't so naive to think we can do this better than them.  Scaling recommendations are provided for all the WODs, they avoid biasing their workouts, and frankly we all have jobs to do for the military and our employer prefers that we spend our time at work working, not writing programming for the CrossFit gym.

We will occasionally depart from the mainpage programming for special events like going away WODs, fundraiser WODs, throwdowns with CrossFitters from a ship that pulls in, etc.  Info on special events is posted to our facebook page.

*Update* We have moved one cycle behind mainpage in order to allow our strongest members to better plan out their additional work.  Members who cherrypick workouts to avoid their weaknesses will not progress as rapidly as those who attack every WOD.  We are programming skill work on rest days to prepare for the upcoming cycle; if there are sufficient coaches on a rest day you may be allowed to make-up a missed workout or do additional strength work.


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