CrossFit Rota Rules

EQUIPMENT: No ghostriding the equipment, control your weights at all times. Do not mix the black bumper plates with the colored bumper plates. NEVER drop an empty bar, a bar with only 10lb plates, or a bar with only iron plates. Wipe down and put away your equipment when you are finished with it. Do not waste chalk. We buy safety collars for a reason, use them. 

PEOPLE: Know your coaches and your fellow CrossFitters; show respect at all times. No pulling rank in the box. Coaching should only be done by coaches. All of the coaches are volunteers, give them a break.  No kids in or around the box, you can arrange with other members to watch each other's children in the family room or at the track.

MEMBERSHIP: CrossFitters passing through Rota are welcome to drop in any time the box is open after speaking with a coach. People new to CrossFit must attend the On-Ramp class.  Read our full membership policy.

THE BOX: Clean up after yourself. Clean up your sweat puddles, bodily fluids, and spilled chalk. Throw away your water bottles and other trash.  No headphones allowed inside the box.  No children allowed in or around the box.

YOU: You are responsible for yourself. Know the limits of your body and your current injuries. Talk with a coach on how to scale a movement for your limitations. Find and kill your goats. Warm up, cool down, and mobility are all your responsibility. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.  Log your workouts, track your scaling, PRs, and improvement.

THE WOD: FORM BEFORE WEIGHT, if a coach tells you to drop the weight and fix your form, do it. No picking and choosing your WOD. Put your name on the board when you arrive, this determines starting order. The first round starts 15 minutes after opening time, be ready. People doing the current posted WOD have priority of the space and equipment over anyone doing a make-up WOD or additional training. Don’t quit the WOD, it wouldn’t quit you. Post your weights, times, or rounds on the board when done with the WOD. 

OTHERS: Don’t be afraid of heavy weight. Burpee penalties can be assigned by a coach for ANY reason, pay them if you owe them.  No excuses, play like a champion.