Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for checking this page before emailing us, you are awesome!

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Nothing. Just be a good member of the community and sign our attendance log.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Here.

Q: When can I join?
A: Check our getting started page for our On-Ramp course dates.

Q: I'm PCSing/deploying/passing through Rota; I normally workout at CrossFit ________, can I workout with you guys?
A: Sure, if you know what you are doing you won't have to take the on-ramp.  Make sure you introduce yourself to a coach so they can watch your form more closely and have you demo some of the movements.

Q: What is the WOD?
A: We are currently in a test period for the programming written by CJ Martin of Crossfit Invictus. This test period is for March 2015, where the coaching staff will determine the most sutible programming for our box. We are one week behind in programming in order to properly plan for WoD's and staffing.


  1. Is Crossfit for all fitness levels, or just for those who frequent the gym?

    1. CrossFit can be scaled to any fitness level.

  2. Can dependents also join or is it only for military?

    1. Anyone with authorization to use the base fitness center can join.